The following video is the second part of the NDIS Internal Review Workshop FAQs. In this part, Jade, from our Policy and Advocacy’s Representative Advocacy team, continues sharing with us her experiences on the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

NDIS Internal Review Workshop FAQs Part Two

The latest part of the NDIS Internal Review Workshop unfolds around the following questions, including:

  • Can you apply to the AAT if you’re unhappy with a decision the NDIS has made?
  • How can I apply for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal?
  • What happens after I have submitted an application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal?
  • Can I bring someone to support me at the Administrative Appeal Tribunal?

Furthermore, in the second workshop, Jade also discussed submitting an Administrative Appeals Tribunal application and seeking advocacy and legal aid support. After the break, please watch the second video. 

In the previous video, Jade talked about the NDIS Internal Review, expected time frames and new wording since the changes to the NDIS Act. And she also shared some helpful knowledge on five key points. Please access the previous video if interested in these aspects of the Review.

Our third workshop on NDIS Case Conferences was on November 9. If you would like to contact our Representative Advocacy team about the workshop or our more NDIS workshops, please email us. In addition, you can also access our NDIS Support Coordination service. Our support coordinators are always there to help you through the processes of NDIS. We will also discuss your goals with you step-by-step, assist you in achieving them, and provide more support.

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