Peer and Family Support in Sydney

Peer and Family Support in Sydney

Peer & Family Support in Sydney

Services Offered

Our core service in Sydney is a face-to-face presence in all the major spinal injury units. These include Royal North Shore, Royal Rehab and Prince of Wales, as well as some of the arterial rehabilitation hospitals. We work with clients, their families and friends, one to one, to help navigate your journey in hospital, to see how you are going with your rehabilitation, goals and needs, chat with you about any issues related to your spinal cord injury, offer advice and link you in with relevant services that can make life more manageable. Our program operates from a lived experience based, we are not clinical specialists and do not work for the hospitals or health departments, but we work closely alongside them as part of an extended team dedicated to helping you.

We also run group education and wheelchair skills sessions so that you are better prepared for life with a spinal cord injury after you discharge from hospital. Our services in Sydney also include regular social and recreational activities for those recovering in hospital, such as BBQs and movie nights, allowing you to build a community of people around you who will understand your situation.

  • Face-to-face peer support
  • Community peer support
  • Wheelchair skills
  • Community access visits
  • Online and in person education sessions
  • Follow up calls upon discharge from the spinal within two weeks
  • Regular monthly check ins
  • Assistance for people at all life stages

If you’d like to get in touch with a member of our friendly team, all you need to do is fill out the Peer Support Referral Form or find out more about our Peer & Family Support services.


Our support covers a wide range of areas around Australia. Please access to the page for more areas we covered.

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