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We strive to engage and work with organisations that share similar values, vision and culture and we pride ourselves on creating tailored mutually beneficial partnerships.

We believe this will lead to the best outcomes for our community and will give us the best chance to facilitate real change. We are extremely grateful to these organisations that support our services.

Accessible Accommodation

Access to travel is important to SCIA’s members and clients which is why we have a partnership with Accessible Accommodation. The team all have lived experience of disability, they get it. They also have 50 frequently asked questions, a three-tiered classification system and video footage of all properties.  Booking with Accessible Accommodation gives people with disability piece of mind.

CNB Safe

Cnb Safe helps employers and employees to understand the importance of safety in the workplace through sharing lived experience of workplace injuries – ultimately preventing life changing injuries, such as SCI. Check out the book ‘12 Reasons Not to Get Hurt at Work’ or book one of their safety speakers.

Clayton Utz

With a commitment to diversity and a strong social ethic, Clayton Utz have been offering SCIA pro bono legal support in for several years.

Law Partners

Personal injury specialists, Law Partners often support clients who have acquired a spinal cord injury. Law Partners are committed to supporting clients over an above the legal services they offer. To achieve this, they support our Spinal Injury Unit Peer Support Team through knowledge share and with financial support. Their generosity allows the Team to provide much needed assistance to newly injured people and their families.


“Permobil and Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA) are committed to innovation that creates independence and freedom for people with spinal cord injury, and together we’ve worked on social and educational events for people with spinal cord injury. We’re proud to say that SCIA is one of the most professional organisations in Australia and is absolutely dedicated to their members.”

Olivia Tomka, Marketing Manager Permobil


There are many ways to develop a partnership with Spinal Cord Injuries Australia. Whether you’re an individual, a community or commercial organisation – contact us to find out how we can work together to make a real difference to those living with a spinal cord injury.


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