Engage: about the Program

Exploring meaning and purpose after an acquired disability


About the Engage Program

Engage is a free 10-week program led by experienced facilitators to help you:

  • Refocus on what you enjoy
  • Gain a clearer sense of personal direction
  • Connect with others
  • Identify new opportunities

Based on research on post-traumatic growth, Engage explores how people can flourish after traumatic life-changing events. The program includes six content filled group sessions, followed by one-on-one coaching to support you to put your learnings into practice. Read the program overview.

It uses the stories of people with lived experience of spinal cord injury to guide learning and demonstrate how meaning and purpose can be found after a traumatic, life-changing event. Listen to a few of these experiences on our Stories page.

The Engage program was developed by Professors Philip Siddall, Skye Dong, Rebecca McCabe, and Shane Clifton through HammondCare, and is funded by the iCare Foundation and in partnership with SCIA.

Our Engage Program will run from October 11 – December 13, 2022.

To enquire about the next online Engage program please complete the Registration of Interest Form.


“I’ve been surprised to discover, 10 years after the injury I thought had destroyed my life, that life is good – bloody hard sometimes, but still full of purpose.”

Shane, C5 incomplete quadriplegic.


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