Engage Stories


Stories of lived experience

While developing the Engage program the creators spoke with people living with spinal cord injuries about their experience finding meaning and purpose after their injury. On this page you will hear these individuals share their stories, talking about the challenges they faced, how they overcame them and how this led them to live rich and meaningful lives.

Tim’s global adventure with SCI

Listen to Tim’s honest story about the challenges of life with a spinal injury, especially with dealing with permanent pain. But also hear him tell about how rich and meaningful life can be.

Heidi’s down to earth story of life with SCI

“When I first got home, I did something different every day. There might be a little gem of an idea that you pick up from people that you think might make you happy and you say to yourself, “Oh, I’ll get outside my comfort zone and give that a try.”

Nick’s story: from devastation to the good life

Listen to an interview with Nick, as he shares his fear that a spinal cord injury he acquired when he was 18 years old would destroy his future, only to discover that living with the injury could be an adventure.

Sara’s story: motherhood and spirituality

Sara talks about her failed attempt to be a super cripple, and how she drew on spirituality and dance to succeed as a mother and partner with quadriplegia.

Shane’s story: From grief to happiness

Shane talks about how hard it has been to adjust to the grief of the injury and living with quadriplegia. But he also discusses the surprising realisation that he is now happy.

Daniel’s story: fighting through barriers

Listen to Daniel talking about how his partner and Neuromoves helped him push through obstacles to build a great life – one with a cooking centre place.

John’s story: a great life with disability

John talks about living with spinal cord injury over the long run, how he has lived a great life, and would not want to have lived any other way.

Mark’s story: faith and advocacy

Mark shares how faith has helped him to navigate the challenges of living with high-level quadriplegia. He also tells us how advocacy has become his “sport” — his passion. Despite the difficulties, he says he lives a great life.

Chloe’s story: a new injury and motherhood

Chloe talks about how she is adapting to a new injury, and at the same time becoming a mum with a spinal cord injury.

Eroll’s story: life, loss, and sport

Errol has lived with spinal cord injury for decades, and he talks to Nick about the ups and downs of life, dealing with grief beyond the injury, and the value of sport for a good life with a disability.


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