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We can help resolve specific issues that impact your independence

Our policy and advocacy experts can help you resolve issues that impact your independence or ability to live the life you choose. We have experience in areas such as NDIS, equipment, and modifications, employment opportunities, pensions, personal care, access and much more.

We have staff with lived experience of disability on our Policy and Advocacy team, so they understand the challenges you face.

For further information or to be contacted by someone from the Policy & Advocacy Team, kindly complete the Policy & Advocacy Request Form.

We are available for those who need support and guidance for individual, systemic, family and self-advocacy matters. Read more about what advocacy is right for you.

Read our COVID-19 updates about the measures we are taking to protect the safety of our staff and clients.

  • Assist you with removing barriers such as access issues
  • Have your NDIS issues resolved

    Who can access the service

    SCIA’s advocacy team offers independent advice and support to assist with resolving issues that are preventing you from living a fulfilled life. We are constantly fighting for inclusivity and change for people with disability, their family members or carers. Please note: We do not offer legal representation.

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    Individual Advocacy
    Self Advocacy
    Family Advocacy

    Advocacy for you

    Individual Advocacy

    Seeks to uphold the rights and interests of people with all disability on a one to one basis by addressing instances of discrimination, abuse and neglect.

    Individual advocates work with people on a short term and issue specific basis.

    Acting on your own behalf

    Self Advocacy

    Self Advocacy is about developing the personal skills and self-confidence of people with disability to enable them to advocate on their own behalf.

    We offer group training sessions as well.

    Advocating on behalf of a family member

    Family Advocacy

    Works with parents and family members to enable them to act as advocates on behalf of a family member with a disability.

    Family advocates work with parents and family members on a short term and issue specific basis.


    Support and Advocacy Service

    SCIA is able to assist icare lifetime care clients with support and advocacy for any issues you may be experiencing. We are one of three advocacy organisations contracted to support icare clients. Please let us know if you have any concerns or issues with the supports you are receiving from icare.

    From July 2020 to June 2021 our Northern Rivers
    and Sydney teams helped [522] individuals
    advocate for themselves, their family and systemic change.


    For advocacy support.

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