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We can help resolve specific issues that impact your independence

Our advocacy and policy experts can help you resolve issues that impact your independence or ability to live the life you choose. We have experience in areas such as NDIS, transport, equipment, housing and modifications, employment opportunities, pensions, personal care, access and much more. The majority of our team have physical disabilities so they understand the challenges you face.

  • Assist you with removing barriers such as access issues
  • Work to improve educational supports
  • Have your NDIS issues resolved
  • Assist you with accessible housing & workplace requirements.

    We offer Systemic and Individual advocacy

    At SCIA we offer two types of advocacy – systemic and individual . We provide independent advice and support to assist with resolving issues that are preventing you from living a fulfilled life. We are constantly fighting for inclusivity and change for people with physical disability.

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    Systemic Advocacy
    Individual Advocacy

    Advocacy for the community

    Systemic Advocacy

    SCIA was founded 50 years ago by a group young men with disabilities who wanted to take charge of their own lives. We are proud to continue to take the lead and actively involve ourselves in broader campaigns and special interest enquiries impacting the community.

    Our team can provide advice on:

  • Who to contact
  • What type of approaches to make
  • How to illustrate your case
  • Proofing of correspondence
  • We can contact government and agencies and NGOs to seek change.
  • Advocacy for you

    Individual Advocacy

    We promote Individual Advocacy (advocating for yourself), and make sure that you are armed with everything you need so you can conduct self-advocacy with confidence. We also provide support through the process and act on your behalf to resolve issues or barriers where necessary.

    Our extensive knowledge, lived experience and the length of time that our advocacy service has been running; we are often able to draw on the experiences of past cases to assist in a successful outcome.


    Support and Advocacy Service

    SCIA is able to assist icare lifetime care clients with support and advocacy for any issues you may be experiencing. We are one of three advocacy organisations contracted to support icare clients. Please let us know if you have any concerns or issues with the supports you are receiving from icare.

    Last year we supported
    118 individuals advocate
    for change.


    For advocacy support.

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