Peer and Family Support in Hunter Region

Peer and Family Support Hunter + Newcastle

Peer and Family Support Hunter + Newcastle


Our Hunter/Newcastle Peer and Family Support service, working with Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation, is our newest program.

It will follow the same structure as our other locations, with community peer support, health education, wheelchair skills, and many of the other programs we run to support people living with SCI.

The Hunter/Newcastle program will also incorporate an advisory group, made up of community representatives, healthcare professionals and those with spinal cord injury, who will regularly meet to discuss local issues that are important for those living with SCI and other disability.

  • Face-to-face peer support
  • Community peer support
  • Wheelchair skills
  • Community access visits
  • Online and in person education sessions
  • Follow up calls upon discharge from the spinal within two weeks
  • Regular monthly check ins
  • Assistance for people at all life stages

If you’d like to get in touch with a member of our friendly team, all you need to do is fill out the Peer Support Referral Form or find out more about our Peer & Family Support services.



John Hunter Hospital, Lookout Rd, New Lambton Heights NSW 2305

Peer & Family Support Hunter Team



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