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Inclusion Training

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The Pathways to Inclusion

Online Inclusion Training

Self-paced e-learning programs for the whole team. We share eye-opening facts to highlight why being accessible is good for business.

Inclusion Workshops

Delivered by people with disability who share their lived experience with you.

We offer both Online training and Inclusion Workshops above. Please feel free to enquire about how we can help you to become an inclusive business today.

Why Choose Our Inclusion Training

At SCIA, we are true experts in lived experience. 25% of our office employees and over 50% of our board have a disability. We have more than 3,000 engaged members who either have a disability or a loved one with a disability. All of these advantages give us a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges and needs of the disability community.

Being inclusive is not only the right thing to do but also makes good business sense. 18% of Australians have a disability and many retirees also benefit from accessibility. When you make your business an inclusive business you are welcoming nearly half the population.

We have experience delivering inclusion training to a range of businesses including legal firms, airlines, retail, government departments, schools, and hospitals. Our inclusion training is designed through conversations with our community. It is informed by real-life experiences and examples shared by people with disabilities and supported by theoretical concepts.

Your business can benefit from our extensive knowledge and expertise in disability and inclusion. Our training will help you offer an accessible space and an inclusive welcome.


All participants receive a course completion certificate.


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