Leave a Gift in Your Will

Leave a Gift in Your Will

Caring into the future

Leave a Gift in Your Will

Since 1967, many big-hearted people have left gifts in their Will to SCIA. Their generosity has enabled SCIA to provide necessary rehabilitation and support for families and individuals following a spinal cord injury or with other neurological conditions.

Every 38 hours an Australian experiences a life-changing spinal injury. In an instant, their world will change forever.

Gifts in Wills, both large and small, play a major role in funding the vital services we deliver to increase independence, mobility and confidence for people who otherwise would have nowhere else to turn.

By leaving a gift in your Will to SCIA, you can make a life-changing difference to ensure people who are affected by a spinal cord injury or other neurological conditions will not be isolated and will receive the help and support they desperately need.

They’ll need help, they’ll need hope, they’ll need you.

To assist you before preparing your Will we have developed A simple basic guide to leaving a gift in your Will. Click Click here to download your complimentary copy.

If you are interested in receiving more information about Gifts in Wills or have already considered a gift to SCIA in your Will then kindly email us.

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“My house is a little bit of heaven” – Alf

Alf’s home was specifically designed and built for him following a horrendous accident in 2015 when he suffered an acute spinal cord injury leaving him in a wheelchair and the need for a purpose built home. “I met people when I was in the Fiona Stanley Hospital who aren’t as lucky as me and don’t have the money to build a place like mine, their future is so uncertain. My home is my little bit of heaven.

I made the decision for my house to be given to SCIA once I am gone, so others who have experienced an accident or spinal cord injury can benefit from it,” says Alf.
Read Alf’s full story here.

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We have prepared this simple guide to give you practical information on how to leave a gift in your Will and considerations you should make before preparing your Will. Simply click here to download your free guide.


Types of Gifts

  • Residual Gift – A residual gift is a portion of your estate, or the balance remaining after your loved ones and expenses are provided for.

    A residual gift maintains the relative value of your gift and automatically adjusts to changes in the value of your estate.

    This is the type of gift we suggest our supporters to consider because it does not decrease in value over time.

  • Percentage of your estate – Leaving a percentage of your estate allows you to nominate the share of your estate you would like to leave in your Will. It is not necessary to know the value of your estate, as the percentage will not come into play until all your estate is distributed.
  • Pecuniary Gift – Leaving a specific amount of money is a simple way of leaving a gift in your Will because you know exactly how much SCIA will receive, regardless of any change in the value of your estate.
  • Fixed Specific Gift – You can leave a specific gift such as property, insurance policy, works of art, shares, land, jewellery or any other item of value.

    We suggest you seek advice from a solicitor when making your Will

    The correct wording for leaving a gift in your Will to SCIA is important to ensure your wishes are met.

    Your solicitor can also provide you with more details about different types of gifts and what that may mean for your family. We suggest you seek advice from a solicitor when drafting your Will as the correct wording for leaving a gift to SCIA is very important.

    “I give and bequeath free of all death, estate or succession duties whether State or Federal to the Spinal Cord Injuries Australia, ABN 93 001 263 734

    (a) All of my residuary estate OR

    (b) (X) percentage of my residuary estate OR

    (c) The sum of $________ OR

    (d) List asset or assets.

    My bequest is to be used for the general purposes of the Spinal Cord Injuries Australia and I declare that the receipt of the Secretary or other authorised officer of this organisation shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executors”

    • AddressSpinal Cord Injuries Australia, 1 Jennifer Street, Little Bay NSW 2036
    • Telephone: 1800 819 775
    • Email: info@scia.org.au
    • Website: www.scia.org.au
    • ABN Number: 93 001 263 734

    Our Promise to you

    • Commitment – We will continue to carry out our activities to those we assist and to ensure you are kept up to date with the latest information in relation spinal cord injuries and the services we provide.
    • Family First – We gratefully appreciate any gift, no matter what the amount is. We understand that loved ones come first and we encourage you to discuss your intentions with them before finalising your Will. We appreciate that these types of important decisions need to be made in your own time and that your circumstances may also change over time. For these reasons we recommend that you should always seek legal advice and involve your family when making or updating your Will.
    • Generous – We will give you and your family the opportunity to join us to see firsthand the life changing work we do, which is made possible by the generosity of people like you.
    • Transparent – We will ensure that all gifts are administered reliably and work with all parties handling your gift with care, sensitivity and respect to ensure your wishes are met.
    • Privacy – We will always respect your privacy. Any information you give us regarding your Will shall be held in strict confidence and not be publicly disclosed during your lifetime without your expressed permission.
    • Thank You – We will thank you appropriately and ensure that you are kept up to date with our latest activities.


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