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Celebrating World Cerebral Palsy Day with Thomas

World Cerebral Palsy Day was on Sunday 6 October 2019. This day is all about raising awareness and highlighting achievements for people with Cerebral Palsy (CP). We wanted to celebrate this day by getting to know a little bit about Thomas, who is living with CP and attends NeuroMoves in Lismore.

Hi Thomas, tell us a bit about yourself.
I'm a project manager at TAFE NSW managing several SharePoint sites. In my leisure time, I enjoy 4x4 driving, camping, hand biking, and of course spending time with my lovely wife and kids. I have had CP since birth in 1969.

How long have you been attending NeuroMoves?
I started attending late 2017.

Do you have any milestones and have you seen any improvements in the time that you had been attending NeuroMoves?
NeuroMoves has been a great support before and after my hip surgery. Since my surgery I'm making great progress, increased my walking distance immensely and my mobility in general. Overall I'm feeling much healthier than before attending NeuroMoves.

Thomas cycling during his session at NeuroMoves in Lismore. His wheelchair can be seen in the background.

World Cerebral Palsy Day is all about raising awareness and visibility and highlighting achievements for people with CP – what is some of the key areas you think need to be addressed or improved for people with CP in your community?
There needs to be much more awareness that CP is predominately a physical disability and not necessarily a mental one. Unconscious bias is still a massive problem in every community I believe. People with CP have the (same) aspirations as everybody else. They want to be accepted and meaningfully participate in the workforce and community.

We love sharing our clients’ and customers’ stories, a lot of whom are living with conditions other than spinal cord injuries, such as Thomas. We believe it is important to create a powerful voice for those living with Cerebral Palsy to change their world and create solutions to problems they face on a daily basis.


NeuroMoves Menai - Open Days

When: Tuesday 29 October 1:00pm - 3:00pm OR Thursday 31 October 10:00am – 1:00pm

Where: NeuroMoves Menai - First Floor
Menai Indoor Sports Centre
98 - 150 Allison Cresent, Menai NSW 2234

Who: Open invite to all individuals with a disability, their families, friends and carers; as well as allied health professionals, NDIS plan managers and support workers, medical specialist, rehab consultants, case managers, community group representatives and anyone that works with individuals who have a physical or neurological disability.

What: We would like to provide an opportunity for anyone to come and see our facility, to exhibit our fabulous equipment, to introduce our passionate team and to allow everyone to gain an insight into how we are assisting individuals with a neurological condition improve their lives.

What: We would like to provide our colleagues in the healthcare industry and people with a disability the opportunity to come and see our facility, to exhibit our state-of-the-art equipment, to introduce our passionate team and to allow everyone to gain an insight into how we are assisting individuals with a physical or neurological condition improve their lives.

Our programs include:

Activity Based Therapy (ABT) – An individually designed exercise program aimed to improve function, independence and mobility. This program involves repetitive, task-specific, dynamic and weight bearing activities all performed out of the wheelchair (where applicable). Some of the goals we work towards range from bed mobility, transfer training, standing or walking tolerance.

Small group training – Groups of three that exercise in an engaging and motivating group environment. Groups focus on a mutual goal of either strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance, fine or gross motor skills.

Gym - A community group program for health and wellbeing, empowering people with a disability to maintain a healthy lifestyle and encouraging social participation.

Exoskeleton in action!

We will also be exhibiting the Rex Bionics© exoskeleton system at the Open Day!

Recently, we have been trialling this unit at our Menai site and clients have been thoroughly enjoying its use! For more information on Rex, click here.

We offer a range of different programs at varying intensities, in order to target our clients’ functional goals, and to suit varying budgets and lifestyle needs. We are also an NDIS registered provider in multiple categories, so can work with you to utilise your funding to achieve your goals.

To RSVP please click here to complete a Cognito Form.
For further information on our program, please contact Claudia James at cjames@scia.org.au or call 0414 285 305.

We hope to see you there!


2019 SCIA Board of Directors Nominations

Shape the future of SCIA by becoming a Board Member.

Nominations are called for the following positions on the Board of Directors for Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA):

One Director
One President

Only members who are eligible to vote may be nominated for, or elected to any office of the Board of SCIA. 

Members who are employed by SCIA cannot be nominated. Nominations must be in writing and must be signed by two members of the company and include the consent in writing of the nominee as per the SCIA Constitution. If you require a copy mailed to you please contact the Company Secretary. 

In case of the need for an electronic ballot, due to there being more nominations than the available positions, nomination forms must be accompanied by a profile statement (in a Word format A4 with a word count no more than 200 words) and a photo from the nominee.

This statement should include details about the nominee's qualifications, experience, biographical notes, vision, commitments, etc. 

Download the 2019 Election of the Board of Directors nomination form here.

Nomination forms must be received by the Company Secretary by 5pm 24 October, 2019.

For more information email info@scia.org.au or calling 1800 819 775.


SCIA's Social Enterprise has changed my life. After training and building confidence, I've been working for the last 12 years.

John Davis


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