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Wheelchair "Book & Ride" Taxi service

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia’s new 24/7 wheelchair accessible taxi booking service will start operating from Monday, 1 March. 

The booking service, to be known as ‘Wheelchair Book & Ride’, will commence on Monday, 1 March 2021, with customers able to book a wheelchair accessible taxi by either calling 13 9000 or submitting a booking online via transportnsw.info/bookandride – note that both the phone number and website will only be available from 12:01am on 1 March.

If you use wheelchair accessible taxis in the Sydney metro area, it is important that you save this new phone number (13 9000) and website (transportnsw.info/bookandride) in all your devices, and also encourage your family, friends, and carers to do the same. From 1 March, the SCIA-run Wheelchair Book & Ride will be the only official booking service for wheelchair accessible taxis in the Sydney metropolitan area.

The booking centre will be run by an enthusiastic group of customer service representatives, most of whom have lived experience with disability, and who are excited to be working with the community to deliver this vital service. Technology partner, Nuamedia, will be working towards expanding the service to be more accessible and inclusive than before. This will take the form of a customer app, where customers can track their trips and save all their details to make future bookings very easy. In the works are also visual and voice activated phone services which, combined with the phone, web and app methods, mean customers of any ability will have an appropriate way to book with ‘Wheelchair Book & Ride’.

SCIA is proud to be delivering this new service to the community, particularly as it enables us to provide more employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


Accessible Housing Vacancies in Maroubra

SCIA has two units available in our four bedroom group home at Nagle House located in Maroubra, New South Wales.

Our aim is to provide support for the residents in the House by accommodating their need for shelter, fostering a sense of community, increasing their job prospects and empowering them as individuals.

The room and facilities are suitable for a person with spinal cord injury (SCI) or a similar physical disability. The house has been modified to allow access the front and rear of the property, widened doors, open underneath benchtops in the kitchen and accessible en-suite with hob-less shower in each bedroom.

To apply please click here to fill in our housing application form. All application forms must be submitted to info@scia.org.au.

Please read below for information about the accommodation and the applicant requirements. If you would like to know more the house or enquire about the application, please call us on 1800 819 775 or email us at info@scia.org.au.

Application Requirements

The applicant must:

  • Have spinal cord injury or similar physical disability, requiring personal care and daily living assistance
  • Have a current and ongoing need for accommodation support
  • Have an NDIS plan and be responsible to self-direct all of their NDIS services. This property operates drop in support that is individualised based on each residents individual NDIS plan
  • Supply own equipment as required, and is responsible for the maintenance of such equipment

Accomodation inclusions:

Large bedroom that allows for single or king single bed allowing sufficient circulation space

Built in Wardrobes

Large en-suite with ‘wheel in’ hob-less shower

Separate living area with kitchenette and wall mounted air conditioning unit

Facilities include shared Kitchen, living and dining areas, and a shared laundry. Limited parking is available onsite.


Reasonable Rent Contribution (RRC) is calculated at 25% Disability Support Pension or 25% of income up to market value rate.

Service and lodging agreements are to be signed prior to occupancy of the room.

Rent will be paid from when equipment and room is taken. Rent can be paid through Centrelink or fortnightly bank transfer. 


Food/board not included

Bills are split by resident’s including gas, electricity, gardening etc.

Telecommunications to be arranged by residents                                               

All toilet rolls, cleaning products etc. to be purchased by residents

Cost of moving will not be covered by SCIA arrangements will need to be made by the applicant.

Click to view the application form. If you would like more information about the application please contact us at 1800 819 775 or email info@scia.org.au.


Pro Bono Australia’s 2021 Impact 25 Awards

We are proud to announce that Dianne Lucas, Spinal Cord Injuries Australia’s CEO has been nominated for Pro Bono Australia’s 2021 Impact 25.

These awards began in 2014 and each year they aim to recognise innovators, collaborators and changemakers from across the social sector who are making a positive impact in the community. They are an important platform to promote awareness and advocacy for the causes that the winners represent.

Please show your support for Dianne and Spinal Cord Injuries Austarlia by casting your vote here.


SCIA's Social Enterprise has changed my life. After training and building confidence, I've been working for the last 12 years.

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