Our community is very passionate about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) issues. Meanwhile, the NDIS internal and external reviews help us check if we made the right decisions.

NDIS Internal Review Workshop

However, Disability advocacy support for NDIS Appeals has been complex because of the high demand, leading people to self-represent at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). As a result, professional support can significantly help you go through the process of the reviews.

For example:

  • Help you comprehend the process
  • Assist with preparing review documents
  • Attend conferences and hearings with you
  • Help you put your case forward
  • Assist you in applying for legal aid

SCIA’s Policy and Advocacy team has begun a series of workshops covering NDIS Internal and External Reviews. Moreover, our team has staff with lived experience with disability, so we understand your challenges and provide you with one-of-a-kind service for the reviews.

Download a copy of the fact sheet from the NDIS Workshop here.

In October, Jade from our Policy and Advocacy’s Representative Advocacy team talked about the NDIS Internal Review, expected time frames and new wording since the changes to the NDIS Act. She shared many helpful experiences in the footage from five key points. They include:

  1. The changes in the wording of the different review types
  2. What will I do if I’m unhappy about your NDIS plan?
  3. What if I’m still dissatisfied with your NDIS plan?
  4. The following steps if our circumstances change?
  5. What does it mean if I’m told the CEO has made a decision?

If interested, please watch Jade cover the top five frequently asked questions from the first workshop.

In addition, please email us at representative@scia.org.au if you would like more information about our workshops and Online Network Forums. You can also visit our Policy and Advocacy team page for more information.

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