Got Pride! Identity, discrimination and overpowering barriers for queer people with disability

What challenges do LGBTQ+ people with disability in the community face when they find support? How often is it to be ignored by most of us? The new episode of our podcast, Have the Nerve, aims at these topics. The conversations will guide us to get more insight into understanding the issues and taking action.

Overcoming barriers for LGBTQ+ people with disability

Susan Wood, our host of Have the Nerve, invites several senior experts for the conversation. They include SCIA Peer and Family Support Coordinator Jess Pellow, SCIA Policy and Advocacy Team Leader Michael Magro and ACON Community Health Promotion Officer, LGBTQ+ People With Disability Project Charbel Zada. During the talk, they discuss the QueerAbility NDIS Toolkit, dating and relationships, and representation.

Meanwhile, they share their experiences of what we can do as a society to comprehend better the barriers and give the queer people with disability full support.

Please access the entire episode with the top podcast player or the following SCIA YouTube channel.

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