We’ve introduced a comprehensive nutrition guide that offers some effective strategies for maintaining a healthy diet. However, meal preparation and delivery services can provide a convenient solution if shopping or cooking is a challenge. If you’re a participant in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), you may be eligible for coverage of some of the service costs.

What meal preparation supports might be funded?

  • Your disability might mean you can’t shop, cook or clean up after preparing your meal.
  • Your disability might mean you have trouble planning meals or following multi-step instructions. If you can reheat meals, the NDIS might cover a support worker’s assistance in shopping and pre-prepping weekly meals. They may also pay for the delivery of pre-prepared ingredients.

How does the NDIS allocate funds for these services?

While food is essential for all, NDIS funding doesn’t encompass the direct food or ingredient expenses, regardless of disabilities.

Typically, service providers split the cost:

  • Your NDIS funds can handle 70% of meal costs,
  • And you cover the remaining 30%.

Getting NDIS Support for Meal Preparation and Deliveries

How can you secure funding for meal preparation and delivery services in your plan?

If you would like funding for meal preparation and delivery included in your plan, the first step is to raise it in your net plan meeting. Meanwhile, you may need to provide supporting evidence to help the NDIA understand the necessity of this service. For instance, a letter from an occupational therapist explaining why you’re unable to prepare meals on your own could be helpful.

Moreover, utilising the provider finder tool on the official NDIS website helps you to discover the most fitting service provider from various options efficiently. In addition to this resource, our committed and experienced NDIS support coordination team is here to assist you throughout your NDIS journey. Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries you may have. Your NDIS experience should be centred around your individual needs, and we’re here to help you achieve it using a person-centred approach.

Reference: official NDIS website 

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