Adaptive Sports
How to Make the Most of Exercising Outside this Summer!

how to make the most of exercising outside this summer

Adaptive Sports
How to Make the Most of Exercising Outside this Summer!


how to make the most of exercising outside this summer

Having a disability shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying the fresh air and sunshine during the warmer months. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of exercising outside this summer!

Take up swimming or hydrotherapy

Summer is the perfect time to get involved with swimming lessons at your local pool or some hydrotherapy sessions with your NeuroMoves therapist!

Exercising in water allows for a lower impact workout and can help you keep yourself cool in the warm weather – this is particularly important for conditions that affect body temperature regulation, such as Multiple Sclerosis or a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI).

Some of the benefits of hydrotherapy are:

  • Reduces pain and inflammation in joints
  • Improves breathing
  • Detoxifies your body
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves your mental health
  • Builds strength and fitness

Swimming or floating is also a great way for people living with a disability to enjoy the water during the hot summer months! Luckily, in Australia there are plenty of ways to enjoy water when the weather warms up. Accessible Beaches has a directory of beaches that have matting for wheelchairs, accessible amenities, beach wheelchairs and other accessibility features.

Visit an accessible local park with friends or family

There is no better feeling than soaking up some sunshine while going for a walk or wheel with a friend or family member!

Did you know that exercising with a friend can help to boost motivation and make you feel more positive, improving your mental health? Even 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each day (such as a walk or wheel) will have a positive influence on your heart health too.

There are many accessible parks in Australia these days, so make sure to check out your local government website for some beautiful spots to walk or wheel. Depending on where you live, be sure to check out Grampians National Park if you’re Victoria, Daintree National Park in Queensland, Kamay Botany Bay National Park in New South Wales, Cape Le Grand National Park in Western Australia, Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania or Flinders Chase National Park in South Australia. A full list of accessible tourism options in the Northern Territory is also available here, plus All Trails has a fantastic state by state list of accessible trails!

Take up a new sport!

Everyone in Australia should be able to find a sport they enjoy, no matter their age or ability. From mountain biking and kayaking to lawn bowls, plenty of sports have been adapted so that people living with a disability are able to take part. Speak to your NeuroMoves therapist about what sports might suit your needs and we can help you to prepare using exercises in our gym!

Try horse riding

Have you ever wanted to go horse riding? The Riding for the Disabled Association is a voluntary, nonprofit organisation, which provides opportunities for anyone with a disability to enjoy safe, healthy, therapeutic, horse-related activities Australia-wide!

Enjoy some garden time

If you enjoy gardening or being outdoors, then gardening is a great way to enjoy the warmth of the summer months while incorporating some movement into your day. This is also a really great way to improve your mental health, by tending and nurturing a small plot of land, bringing plants and flowers to life. There are plenty of ways to make gardening adaptive and enjoyable too, so speak to your NeuroMoves therapist today.

Join a local group or club

Not only are local groups and clubs a great way to get out and about in summer, they are also a really good way to socialise and meet new people. Enquire at your nearest recreational, community or sports centre for a list of local groups and choose one that interests you. You may even find your new favourite hobby or learn a new skill!

Let NeuroMoves help you

No matter what your goals are in terms of exercise and movement, our team of expert therapists can help you to achieve them. We have a highly trained team of exercise physiologists and physiotherapists who love to make each session unique, tailored specifically to your needs.

We have 17 different NeuroMoves locations around Australia and we continue to deliver our online telehealth service nationally to allow people the freedom to access our therapy services from the comfort of their own homes. Get in touch today to enquire about an appointment!

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