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NeuroMoves Telehealth

Online health service: Bringing exercise and therapy to you!

Continue your exercise therapy at home

Your health and well being is extremely important to us and we have therefore introduced an online Telehealth program, to enable our therapists to continue your therapy in the comfort of your home using video conferencing software.

Telehealth is a great way to continue to work towards your goals by accessing our highly specialised and skilled Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologist in the comfort and safety of your own home.

The costs of these online sessions are covered by NDIS and other state insurance schemes, and can be self-funded.

Many clients who have already utilised these sessions have commented how there is no difference in the intensity of their sessions via Telehealth compared to a face-to-face session!

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Benefits of Telehealth

Telehealth sessions are a great way to continue to work towards your therapeutic and functional goals.

NeuroMoves Telehealth sessions will ensure you are:

  • Guided safely in exercises relevant to your personal situation and condition
  • Remaining connected, motivated and supported in your exercises for health, mobility and independence by a specialised NeuroMoves therapist
  • Reducing the effects of self-isolation
  • Continued engagement with your usual NeuroMoves therapists through this difficult time surrounding COVID-19
  • What’s involved with a NeuroMoves Telehealth session?

    NeuroMoves Telehealth sessions are goal based and can involve a range of exercise modalities, with varying levels of support: all designed in discussion between you and your specialised therapist.

    Prior to your first session, your therapist will send you a Telehealth Starter Pack which will provide you with an in depth explanation of the entire process.

    We will work with you to use household items, or exercise equipment you already have at home, to make your session more challenging or you can order equipment by completing our NeuroMoves Client Equipment Order Form. One of our expert therapists can help recommend equipment that would be the most suitable to help you achieve your goals

    Many people prefer the help of a support person, such as a carer or family member, to assist them with their telehealth sessions and we encourage this support when available, but it is not a necessity to undertaking this program.

    For some clients, this may involve:

  • Upper body strengthening in your wheelchair
  • Cardio fitness training in your wheelchair
  • Stretching
  • Standing exercises for balance and strength
  • Goal setting and education
  • How do I get started?

    For current NeuroMoves clients, your therapist will email you through a link to click on and login for your session. This email will include your session time and date, which can also be found on your monthly therapy schedule.

    If you are new to NeuroMoves, before we undertake any Telehealth sessions, you will need to complete the Intake Form and obtain a medical clearance – as with all NeuroMoves Services. Once these have been completed, a NeuroMoves therapist will contact you to complete a pre-screening questionnaire and arrange a service agreement (where required).

    For more information, check out the How to get started page on our website, or call us on 1800 819 775

    Telehealth Costs:

  • 1:1 Session: $166.99 for 1 hour
  • Small Group Session (Groups of 3): $55.66 for 1 hour

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