Nothing can stop us from enjoying the freedom of driving, even after a spinal cord injury or other disabilities. But before you get behind the wheel, accessible vehicle modifications are necessary to keep you safe. Here are some valuable tips that will help you get through the whole process of car modifications.

Tips for Accessible Vehicle Modifications

Safety First

The top priority we need to consider is safety when we decide which modifications are suitable for our vehicle. There are many car adaptations for people with spinal cord injuries, such as hand controls, seat adjusters, automatic doors, wheelchair ramps and lifts, and more.

However, every spinal cord injury is unique. We need to implement personalised car modifications based on our different impairments.

Getting the right advice

Have you been ready to take the first step toward driving? To get, keep or retain your driver license, we can book an appointment with our health professional for a Medical assessment for Fitness to Drive. Our doctor may recommend we have an Occupational Therapist driver assessment and Disability driving test. We will learn lots of knowledge and tips about car modifications during the process.

Furthermore, keeping an open mind will help you obtain and comprehend the latest information. You can ask the professionals in the disability vehicle modification field. They will always help you with up-to-date technology for modifying your car. Moreover, our Peer support team is always here to support you through your car modification.

Tips for Accessible Vehicle Modifications

Selecting a suitable vehicle

Our specialist will collaborate with us to select a suitable vehicle. Before that, we can consider the following questions:

  • Is the previous car right to undergo the car modifications?
  • Will I drive from the wheelchair or transfer to a seat?
  • Will there be enough room for other passengers after the changes?
  • And more related to different impairment levels.

NDIS & Accessible Vehicle Modifications

The NDIS would not fund a motor vehicle but can fund the modifications and driving support related to your disability to help you regularly use a car.

They may fund a qualified assessor to discuss your transport needs, or you may talk to your occupational therapist about these. If the car modifications may benefit you, they will complete a vehicle modification assessment, which explains what changes you need. Then the NDIS will fund the cost of the assessment in your capacity-building support budget.

Additionally, we have created a factsheet containing more car modification resources. Please access the page if interested, or you can contact our NDIS Support Coordination team for more assistance.

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