Do you have any ideas about building a fully accessible house yourself? No? Don’t worry. Chris Nicholls, our General Manager of Transitional Services, will show you how to achieve it with informative steps.

A Post about How to Build a Fully Accessible House

The brief was simple:

  • 1. To make ALL rooms accessible.
  • 2. To make the house and pool wheelchair (paraplegia) friendly throughout – without the “Hospital” look.
  • 3. To make upkeep as low maintenance as possible.
  • 4. To create an Indoor / outdoor living experience.

Meantime, it also needs to meet the requirements of the whole family. As a result, the two-storey house presents a lift to maximise floor space and still conform to the council’s required building-to-land ratios. There are no steps or lips within the building or at the front door or rear Bi-folds. Moreover, in case of a major lift malfunction, his playroom can be used as a bedroom, and there is a fully accessible bathroom with shower downstairs.

It sounds amazing, isn’t it? Please access the full presentation by clicking the following blue button. You can also visit our NDIS Support Coordination service. Let us support you.

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