We have to spend lots of time adapting to the current life after a spinal cord injury. Some things like sexuality and relationships may not be urgent for us. Is that right? The following talks come from the Kessler Foundation 2019 Spinal Cord Injury Conference. The conversations will present how important they are after SCI.

Sexuality and relationships after spinal cord injury

The dialogues focus on dating intimacy, sexuality and relationships, parenting and family life for people with a spinal cord injury. With seven episodes, it shares several related topics in detail, including

  • stop, focus, and connect,
  • creating or strengthening intimate relationships,
  • enabling sexuality-positioning and assistive technology,
  • dating and long-term relationships after SCI a panel discussion,
  • love and caregiving,
  • family life, a panel discussion,
  • facilitating the process of sexual self-discovery.

Please visit the podcast for the entire content of these topics. Of course, don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast, Have the Nerve, for more exciting and informative audible content.

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