When don’t you know what something is, how do you know what to ask for about NDIS? The most major reform for people with disabilities in Australia, but so fraught with tedious obstacles.

How much do you know about NDIS Support Coordination? Have you ever looked at your NDIS plan and felt lost? Confused? Have you ever attempted to find legal aid to help you at an Administrative Appeals Tribunal? 

NDIS, WTH?! (Where's The Help) - Ep 21

It’s the third episode where we’ve covered the subject because it’s such a complicated beast. In the latest podcast episode, Susan extends the topic further, so she invites several guests with adequate experience in the related fields of the NDIS support for the dialogues. They are Louise and Mel from our Community Services team and April from our Policy and Advocacy team.

They talk about how the support plans seem too broad and too specific. Moreover, they share how educating NDIS planners and Local Area Coordinators can benefit participants.

Meanwhile, they discuss how all of these combined contribute to everyone getting NDIS burnout and the inaccuracies behind the phrase “NDIS blowout”.

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The helpful resources in the episode about the NDIS


This episode has been written, produced and edited by Susan Wood with assistance from Cobie Ann Moore and Effie Manetakis. Logo art by Cobie Ann Moore. Spinal Cord Injuries Australia is a for-purpose organisation that supports people with a spinal cord injury and other neurological conditions. For more information about our supports and services, visit our Resource Hub.

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