We’re excited to announce that the latest podcast episode, “Ground Zero at Brand X,” is now available! This episode follows the topic of Voices from Sydney WorldPride 2023, featuring intriguing and profound conversations between our host, Susan, and the talented artists who brought Ground Zero at Brand X to life in Darlinghurst, New South Wales.

Ground Zero was a great performing arts creative development and performance program presented as part of The Flying Nun by Brand X and Sydney WorldPride 2023. The Wales Family Foundation and audience donations supported it.

In this episode, we invite you to join us in listening to incredible performances and hearing the inspiring stories shared by these exceptional artists. Prepare to be moved and inspired by their talents and experiences.

Audio Recorded and Mixed by Douglas Walker. Performances in this episode have been by permission of each artist. They are only played in part, except for Christopher Bryant’s ‘New Balance’.

If you want to enquire about the complete recordings, please get in touch with Brand X at info@brandx.org.au.

Information in this episode:

Artists in order of Ground Zero performance appearance:

  • ‘Spoons’
    • Created and performed by Saskia Ellis
    • Composed by WYTCHINGS (aka Jenny Trinh)
  • ‘No Romo’
    • Created and performed by Artemis Muñoz
    • With support from Erin Neill
  • ‘New Balance’
    • Created and performed by Christopher Bryant
    • Director/Dramaturgy by Emma Palackic
    • Composed by Romy Seven Fox
  • ‘Coconut Baby’
    • Created and performed by Sarah Carroll 
  • ‘Cupcake’
    • Created and performed by Robyn Reynolds

Artist Links:


This episode has been written, produced and edited by Susan Wood, and logo art by Cobie Ann Moore.

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