Our latest episode of the ‘Have The Nerve’ podcast is now available! In this episode, our host Susan is joined by her guest, Michelle Villeneuve, as they delve into the important topic of emergency preparedness and planning specifically for people with disabilities.

The Asia-Pacific region is the most disaster-prone area worldwide, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Australia, in particular, has a history of enduring heatwaves, bushfires, droughts, floods, and tropical cyclones. With the transition from La Niña to El Niño, there is a potential for a recurrence of the devastating 2019-2020 bushfires that engulfed the entire country.

When preparing for natural disasters, people with disabilities must consider additional factors. It is crucial to ensure that preparedness and planning efforts are seamless and practical. For this purpose, Michelle Villeneuve, Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy and Deputy Director at the Centre for Disability Research and Policy at the University of Sydney, has collaborated with individuals with disabilities to develop Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness (P-CEP) Toolkit. This comprehensive guide empowers people with disabilities to tailor emergency preparedness and planning to their unique support requirements.

During this episode, Susan sits down with Michelle to discuss the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities during times of disaster and how the P-CEP Toolkit serves as a valuable resource in creating personalised emergency plans. Additionally, we invite you to read the accompanying article to learn more about the Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness Toolkit.

If you’re interested in exploring this topic further, we encourage you to listen to the whole episode through the embedded YouTube or Spotify player below. Alternatively, you can choose your preferred platform to access our podcast, Have The Nerve.

Information in this episode:

Credits: Susan Wood has written, produced and edited this episode. Logo art by Cobie Ann Moore. Spinal Cord Injuries Australia is a for-purpose organisation supporting people with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions. For more information about our supports and services, visit our Resource Hub.

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