In the summer of 2013, Lachlan had just finished school and it was time to chill out at the beach to celebrate the end of school life with his mates. Just an ordinary day at the beach and schoolboys enjoying themselves in the surf, but then the unthinkable happened…

He found himself in the intensive care unit at Royal Perth Hospital with a fractured spinal cord. He became a quadriplegic.

Mum, Kristen, Dad, Tim, sister Victoria and brother Campbell were with Lachlan throughout his many hospital stays and rehabilitation. Without their love and support, he says “I don’t know how I would have gotten through the many months in hospital, infections and then finally spending my ‘gap year’ at the Shenton Park Rehabilitation Hospital”.

Lachlan’s Mum, Kristen, told us: “Being a family was difficult when Lach was in hospital. Family time suffered immensely and very suddenly. Our other children had to continue school and routine, and we were grateful for every bit of support that was given. The change in our lives of having a child who walked out the door to the beach in the morning, then acquiring a spinal cord injury in the afternoon was immense.”

With some hefty workouts with the SCIA NeuroMoves team, Lachlan has come a long way and we’re grateful for the friendship and support he receives from them every week.”

Lachlan and his family are positive about his new upcoming role with the Peer Support Team at the SCIA Perth Short Term Accommodation.

The support SCIA provides is vital when people are working so hard to get their lives back on track after a spinal cord injury.

Read more about Lachlan’s journey with spinal cord injury and how SCIA has supported him throughout his journey. Please consider making a donation so that we can continue to support people like Lachlan through our Peer and Family Support Program and NeuroMoves.

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