Accessible Travel
Things to Consider When Renting a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

when renting a wheelchair accessible vehicle 1

Accessible Travel
Things to Consider When Renting a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle


when renting a wheelchair accessible vehicle 1

A wheelchair accessible vehicle is a part of fantastic accessible travel. With a rented accessible car, we can get to almost every corner of the city we travel around. In this post, we will discuss the things we need to consider when renting a wheelchair-accessible car.

Types of modifications

Different wheelchair-accessible cars may have different modifications. For example, some of us may require a wheelchair ramp or lift, while others need a spacious space to store a folded wheelchair in the passenger seat.

Also, some wheelchair-accessible cars allow you to drive from your wheelchair. If you’re not the driver, you may consider an accessible car supporting wheelchair access in the front passenger seat.

The wheelchair accessible vehicle’s condition

Safety is always the priority during driving. Before deciding to rent the car, you can ensure the rental company maintains the vehicle regularly and check that the assistive modifications and equipment are in good working order.

Moreover, it is necessary to ask them if the car has been in any accidents. If the vehicle had an accident, ask when it occurred, what repairs the car got, and whether there are guarantees of the repair work. Switch to other options if you have concerns about the car’s condition.

Comfortable interior

The interior should be designed for maximum comfort and relaxation during travel. Ensure that the driver’s seat and passenger seats are comfortable and that the air conditioning system functions properly. Additional features such as convenient USB ports, a high-quality audio system, armrests, and cup holders can enhance the overall comfort of the interior.

Things to Consider When Renting a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle


Renting a wheelchair-accessible vehicle can be more expensive than renting a standard car. Be sure to compare multiple rental companies and consider the cost of petrol.


A rented accessible car is different to your vehicle. Before you hit the road, training can help you familiarize yourself with the particular adaptations and equipment for safety.

Finally, before making the decision, communicate the specific needs to the rental company so that they can provide you with an appropriate accessible car.

Considering these points before renting a wheelchair-accessible car will help you have a safe, comfortable, cost-effective rental experience. In addition to this article, we encourage you to research and compare rental companies and read reviews and recommendations.

We will release another article detailing the well-known rental companies that provide wheelchair-accessible cars in different regions worldwide.

If you have plans to modify your car, please read this article about driving hand controls. Our Peer Support team can also help you with practical advice and lived experience of physical disability.


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