Navigating your environment

Poorly designed communities can make it difficult for people with mobility impairments to move about their environment; consequently, people with a disability often are more vulnerable to environmental barriers.

Although access on transport and into places is always improving, it still pays to plan ahead and do your research before leaving the house. In this section of our website we have put together some useful information and resources to help you navigate your way around your community and the wider world.

Having problems accessing a venue?

You can contribute to improving access in your community

Most of the local councils in NSW and around Australia have Access Committees. They are there to help improve access in the community so if you come across an access problem in your local community contact the committee or better still get onto the committee as a community representative to influence positive outcomes in regard to increasing access and equity for all of the community.

Further reading and resources

To help you increase your understanding of what access means in all its guises visit the SCIA Resource Hub to find articles and other resources.