Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs

Helping with your independence

Looking for assistance of the furry kind?

Reducing your reliance on others

If you have a spinal cord injury (SCI) or other disability, assistance dogs can help you increase independence and reduce reliance on friends, family or caregivers. They are specially trained to assist with tasks that you might otherwise need another person for. An assistance dog is most commonly a Labrador Retreiver or a Golden Retriever due to their calm temperament and their willingness to work. They’ve been trained to perform tasks such as opening and closing cupboards, doors and refrigerators, picking up dropped items, loading and unloading (frontloading) washing machines, helping to remove clothing, adjusting blankets and doonas and lots more!

Training programs can also include specific personalised tasks for you. Once the puppies have successfully completed advanced training programs they are placed with their forever owner. To find out how you can apply visit:

  • Assistance Dogs Australia (Australia wide)
  • Australian Support Dogs (NSW)
  • Canine Helpers for the Disabled (South East QLD)
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