We’re excited to announce that on July 5, comedian Tommy Little will be taking part in the first ever relay from the United Kingdom to Belgium to raise money for Spinal Cord Injuries Australia and Project Spark – a joint initiative of SCIA, SpinalCure Australia and NeuRA.

Donate to Tommy Little’s UK to Belgium swim HERE.

Project Spark is an ambitious project, building on NeuRA’s transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation eWalk trials, we want to roll out neurostimulation trials across Australia, so more people with a spinal cord injury will be given a chance to be a part of this landmark research.

The studies will be conducted in our NeuroMoves exercise facilities across Australia.

Q. Neurostimulation? How does it work?

Great question! Neurostimulation is like a hearing aid for the spinal cord. Electrical currents are applied to the injured spinal cord and it amplifies the messages between the brain and the surviving neural pathways so the brain and body can talk to each other better.

Donate to Tommy Little’s UK to Belgium swim HERE. Your help makes all the difference.

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