The Building Employer Confidence Program

The Building Employer Confidence Program (BEC)

Empowering organisations on their disability inclusion journeys.


EmployAbility by Spinal Cord Injures Australia is an Australia-wide employment service supporting people living with physical disability and Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI) to find sustainable employment. The program features an industry first team of mentors all with lived experience of physical disability and ABI who coach and support our candidates towards the achievement of their employment goals.

Our Building Employer Confidence (BEC) program has been expertly crafted for organisations helping to remove assumed barrier. Partnering with your internal team, the program professionally works through:

  • Disability Inclusion Status Check (DISC),
  • disability awareness education modules,
  • inclusion workshops
  • and mentoring,

Informed by SCIA’s lived experience experts, the program offers a practical, placement-led approach to developing inclusive workplaces Our core objective is to increase sustainable employment opportunities for people with physical disability.

What we offer:

We will help you discover key areas for improvement, including workplace accessibility, recruitment processes, and cultural considerations and you will receive actionable recommendations to enhance disability inclusion within your organisation.


Our Building Employer Confidence is a four stage program as follow:

Stage 1
Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Gain insights into your current disability inclusion status through our detailed Disability Inclusion Status Check (DISC) assessment.

Stage 2
Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Receive a personalised blueprint for becoming a fully inclusive employer, addressing specific areas of improvement identified in the DISC assessment.

Stage 3
Tailored Training Program & Workshops

Equip your team with knowledge through disability awareness education training modules, workshops, and presentations led by experienced mentors.

Stage 4
Specialised Disability Recruitment Support

Access our recruitment services to seamlessly integrate individuals with disabilities into your workforce, fostering true inclusivity.

Additional Tailored Sessions:

Our team of Ambassadors with lived experience can deliver in person or virtual sessions that are focused on sharing their personal experience of disability. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • “You Can’t Ask That!” – An interactive session where a panel of Ambassadors engage with your team to help break myths around disability. It’s your chance to ask absolutely anything about disability, nothing is off the table!
  • My Story” – Our ambassadors have different experiences with regards to disability so you will have the opportunity to choose from a selection to suit the learning goals for your organisation
A long-term partnership

Do you have a vacancy that needs filling? We mean it when we say Partnership. EmployAbility recruitment arm has access to job-ready candidates with physical disability tailored to the needs of employers.

Looking to outsource work? Our Social Enterprise delivers a wide range of commercial contracts, giving people living with physical disability the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in temporary, part time or full time employment.

Resources available to BEC partner organisations:

Your investment into Building Employer Confidence in the workplace brings you another step closer to successfully celebrating diversity and empowering your staff with physical disabilities and ABI’s.

Next Steps:

Click the button below to obtain a quote based on your organisation’s needs after an initial discussion of the Disability Action Plan and elevate your organization with the BEC Program today!

BEC program featured
Building Employer Confidence

Empowering organisations on their disability inclusion journeys.

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Case Studies

Our journey towards inclusivity and accessibility.

Our journey towards inclusivity and accessibility.

Our journey towards inclusivity and accessibility.