SCIA’s Resilience Programs are designed to keep you goal-focused, connect with others and enhance your wellbeing. It’s free and available to anyone in Australia. 

Here are the programs we have on offer:

  • Explore meaning and purpose with our Engage Program.

    This 10 week program is led by experienced facilitators to help you refocus on what you enjoy, gain a clearer sense of personal direction and explore how you can flourish after traumatic life-changing events.
  • Create the life and wellness you want with our Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP).

    This 8 week program will focus on identifying simple, safe and effective tools you can use to create and maintain your wellness, help you develop a personalised daily plan to help you stay on track and give you the tools to put them into practice in your every day life.

Keep mentally fit with SCIA’s Resilience Program. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST.

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