Harry was born at 26 weeks weighing only 1040 grams and was in hospital for the majority of the first five months of his life. He sustained a spinal cord injury (SCI) within weeks of his birth and had many medical hurdles to overcome, including bacterial meningitis twice in his first 4 months and over 15 surgeries to date.

Originally, his parents (Katrina and David) were told by doctors that he wouldn’t be able to sit up unaided or walk. Not wanting to give up hope, Katrina and David decided to put Harry into therapy at 6 months old.

Trying to find a support group for parents with a baby or toddler with a spinal cord injury proved to be very difficult. It wasn’t until they found NeuroMoves in 2012 that they meet a couple of slightly older children with spinal cord injuries. “Seeing Harry talk to other children even if they were older and realising he wasn’t alone was truly amazing. The support I personally received from their parents has been wonderful for me as his Mum as well,” said Katrina.

“The team at NeuroMoves Melbourne has been a great support to both Harry and our entire family both inside and outside of rehab. NeuroMoves definitely became a huge part of our family.”

Harry’s story is very inspiring and his achievements are impressive. In 2021 Harry will start High School. His journey, like so many in our community, has not been an easy one. Despite his many achievements, the family still face day to day challenges with a calendar of specialist or therapy appointments and living in a household with two boys under the age of 12.

This Christmas your donation can help other children like Harry with personalised rehabilitation therapy. It can help families like his through our Peer and Family Support services or with access to our Advocacy experts.

Your donation today will continue to help others in our community.

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