The balance workshop was developed to complement the evidence-based exercise guidelines for improving balance and preventing falls. While the guidelines of Professor Cathie Sherrington and colleagues are widely available, implementing these guidelines in clinical practice continues to be a major clinical challenge. Therapists have asked the StrokeEd collaboration for advice about how to implement effective balance strategies that are safe, challenging and of sufficiently high dosage. This workshop aims to assist clinicians to develop evidence-based solutions for people with balance difficulties. The workshop uses lectures, video analysis, discussion and participant preparation of clinical sessions in order to provide clinicians with evidence-based strategies for effective balance training of people of differing levels of disability.


Simone Dorsch

Simone is a physiotherapy clinician, researcher and educator. She has 20+ years’ experience in stroke, brain injury and aged care rehabilitation. Simone is a senior lecturer at the Australian Catholic University in North Sydney. Research and publications: Simone has published many peer reviewed journal articles. Her research focuses on the relationship between loss of strength and activity limitations and strategies to increase amounts of practice in rehabilitation.

Karl Schurr

Karl is a physiotherapy clinician, researcher and educator. He has over 30+ years’ experience in stroke, brain injury and aged care rehabilitation in Australia and the UK. Research and publications: Karl has published 27 peer reviewed journal articles and been awarded over $1 million in research funding. His research focuses on methods to increase exercise intensity, dosage, and evaluating the effectiveness of rehabilitation interventions for stroke survivors and older people.

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