NeuroMoves 10th National Conference has begun!

This year, due to COVID, they went online! Thanks to this virtual world, they have been able to reach far and wide for their presenters and are lucky to have so many world renowned gurus of spinal cord injury and neuro rehab joining them.

We’re excited to hear from these amazing people:

Wednesday 2 December

Professor David Berlowicz – who specialises in sleep and breathing patterns in neuromuscular disease, and who has recently published a paper on the benefits of therapeutic singing in spinal cord injury via virtual reality 

Dr Euan McCaughey – who works with NeuRA, an organisation affiliated with SCIA, who aim to prevent and cure disease and disability of the brain and nervous system. Dr McCaughey has particular interest in using abdominal muscle stimulation to improve respiratory and bowel function in spinal cord injury

Friday 4 December

Professor Andrea Behrman – who is committed to fast-tracking the use of activity-based therapies in clinical practice for adults and children, based on her expert understanding of the biology of walking

Dr Claire Willis – who’s research is focused on developing physical activity interventions for children with complex conditions, and who also consults for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to guide research in low-income countries

Saturday 5 December

Dr Simone Dorsch who’s research focuses on the use of technology to increase practice and improve outcomes in stroke rehabilitation. Dr Dorsche runs a critically acclaimed workshop on strategies to increase intensity of practice in rehabilitation called ‘1000 reps a day’.

Dr Mary Magarey who is a specialist in motor control of the shoulder. Dr Magarey literally wrote the book on shoulder evaluation and management!

Professor Mary Galea who received the Order of Australia in 2019 for significant service to medical education in the field of clinical physiotherapy and professional associations. Professor Galea conducts research investigating underlying factors in the recovery from nervous system injury

Dr Jackie Reznik who is an international renowned consultant in neurological physiotherapy. Dr Reznik is currently working on a new book titled ‘Rehabilitation for Spinal Cord Injured Clients’

Tuesday 8 December

We have the pleasure to hear from Professor Reggie Edgerton whois considered the ‘father of modern spinal neuromodulation’, with over 40 years of research culminating in the invention of revolutionary non-invasive technology.
Professor Edgerton’s research forms the basis of NeuroMoves Activity-Based Therapy and Locomotor Training programs, which focus on activating areas below the level of lesion of a spinal cord injury to maximise functional outcomes

Wednesday 9 December

One of the best in the business, Professor Susan Harkema, who’s research focuses on the recovery of function after spinal cord injury (SCI), with specific focus on the sensory processing at the level of spinal cord locomotion.
Professor Harkema, who we were fortunate to have visit our NeuroMoves Melbourne site in 2019, has tailored her research to form the foundation of NeuroMoves Locomotor Training program

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