SCIA is proud to be working in partnership with Hireup. Hireup is an online platform for people with disability to find, hire and manage their own supports.  

This is a unique partnership, with all aspects of the partnership designed to empower people with disability. It is great to be working in partnership with an organisation in the disability sector that has strongly valued aligned with us.  

The partnership is holistic and will involve a number of initiatives:  

  • A reinvestment model – the 1% program – which will be supporting the expansion of NeuroMoves 
  • Initiatives to increase employment for people with disability  
  • Using technology to develop peer connections
  • Training for support workers to improve the quality of care for people living with spinal cord injuries  
  • A shared approach to scaling occasional and emergency care 

Introducing the 1% program  

Through the 1% Program, Hireup aims to give NDIS participants the power to control how their NDIS funding is spent, and how the disability sector evolves to meet their needs.  

If you’re looking for additional support you can join Hireup and choose for Hireup to reinvest 1% of the cost of your services back to SCIA. Through this reinvestment, we will expand NeuroMoves to support people over the age of 65 who do not have NDIS plans. 

[Image: Brett is wearing an Akubra hat and khaki top and shorts. He’s sitting on an outdoor couch and is petting his two dogs.]

“I think the partnership between Hireup and SCIA is fantastic because I have a lot of respect for both organisations, with whom I’ve been closely involved with. 

I was on the board of Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA) for four years, and loved my involvement as a Director. I attended NeuroMoves, which is an innovative, holistic, evidence-based exercise and therapy service for people living with a neurological condition or physical disability. 

I had quite a few Hireup support workers help me go to NeuroMoves, but in the end I got strong enough that I could actually get my wheelchair out and attend myself. So I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend NeuroMoves to anybody who wants to try and improve their general health, as well as capability.” – Brett Stevenson, former Director of Spinal Cord Injuries Australia   

For further information or to support the 1% Program, please go to   

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