Benefit from a rich but untapped source of talent

Provide meaningful work for people with physical disability, while securing the business benefits of diversity and inclusiveness.

Many people with a physical disability want to work, they are highly skilled and qualified, and they can strengthen the diversity and culture of your team. However, they represent an untapped opportunity for employers, experiencing high rates of unemployment.

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Our EmployAbility program helps employers to access an untapped source of talent to strengthen their diversity and inclusiveness. It does this by developing employer partnerships premised on consultation, flexibility, support and value for money; understanding the business and its requirements to ensure sustainable placements on recruitment assignments and consistent delivery on commercial contracts.

We are consultative, flexible, focused on delivering to your job specifications and will work closely with your organisation to deliver:

  • The Perfect Match
    Our team will work with you to learn your business and understand your recruitment needs. We will present candidates who are skilled, job ready, supported and matched to the job specification. Post placement support is available for all candidates to ensure a sustainable placement.

  • The support you need
    We work closely with employer partners to advise best practice for accessibility, technology and other requirements to guarantee a smooth transition and inclusive work environment for both candidate and employer.

    EmployAbility also provides a Disability Awareness Training program to assist employers in becoming more disability inclusive.

  • Flexible Employment options
    EmployAbility will deliver the model that works for you. Use us as a recruitment agency or outsource work to our social enterprise. Employ candidates to work from your office or from their home. Full time or part time. Talk to us and we can make it work.

  • A budget friendly service
    EmployAbility is a social enterprise and accordingly must operate sustainably. However, our charter and motivation is to place people with physical disability into meaningful work so you will find our rates for both recruitment placements and commercial contract work very reasonable.
  • This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

    Client Testimonial

    “Our partnership with SCIA’s recruitment service has provided us with outstanding team members who have excelled in their roles. Through their life experiences they have strengthened the diversity of our workforce and our competitive advantage.” – Alex Jannink, Managing Director, Acusensus


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