There are 77 amazing HEROES taking part in Be A Hero 2019. It may be the last week, but you can still help us go the distance.

With four days to go, check out some star fundraisers from around Australia:

Team NeuroMoves Adelaide: Eugene

Raised so far: $3360

Eugene set a goal of 10km on the arm crank, but he’s smashed his goal, reaching a whopping 14km!
He has seen great improvement in his blood pressure regulation, bladder and bowel function, strength and overall fitness.

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Team NeuroMoves Canberra: Mick

Raised so far: $1603

Mick has committed to wheeling 50 kilometres this September.
Mick says, “I can honestly say that without NeuroMoves my recovery would not be anything it is today. It has been the single greatest influence, source of knowledge and physical motivation I have known.”

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Team NeuroMoves Zetland: Paul

Raised so far: $1159

Paul has Central Nervous System Lymphoma and has smashed his 12 kilometre walk to over 20 kilometres!
He says, “I have had a lot of help and assistance from NeuroMoves staff, especially with my balance and vision. I have achieved goals I thought were unattainable.”

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Team NeuroMoves Lismore: Thomas

Raised so far: $1247

Thomas as Cerebral Palsy and has been repping Team NeuroMoves Lismore by cycling 20 kilometres this month.
In fact, he’s been doing so well, he’s increased it to 25 kilometres!

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Team NeuroMoves Perth: Charles

Raised so far: $1034

The Be A Hero challenge has been timely for Charles to set conditioning goals ahead of summer. He’s taking on a total 21 kilometres this month on the SCI Fit bike and the SkiErg.

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Team NeuroMoves Melbourne: Michael

Raised so far: $4703

Michael is committing to a massive 50 kilometres this September. As a client of NeuroMoves Melbourne, he says the team “has been like family.”

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It’s not too late to sponsor a local NeuroMoves team or a Hero! Head to BE A HERO and donate to someone today!

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