We all want young people to live happy, fulfilled and exciting lives free from serious injury.

Unfortunately, young people, particularly those in the 14 to 25 years age group, are at heightened risk of being permanently impacted or of dying as a result of an unintentional injury.

This is why SCIA and Youthsafe have partnered to partner to prevent unintentional injury of young people, by offering advice and support.

Our evidence-based educational resources and programs seek to provide young people and the key adult influencers in their lives with practical ways to achieve safer outcomes; especially in relation to the four settings in which young people are most at risk of injury: using roads, being at work, playing sport or when out socialising with friends.


  • Appreciate that young people’s brains are still developing into their late 20s which reduces their ability to identify and responsibly manage risks to themselves and others.
  • Be aware that as a parent, aunty, uncle, teacher, employer, coach, etc that you are a key influencer of young people and ideally placed to exercise that influence for safer outcomes.
  • Communicate regularly and in a positive way with young people about how they can reduce their injury risks on the roads, at work, playing sport and when out socialising.
  • Be a supportive mentor rather than a disapproving judge: explore ways to provide them with practical and acceptable help e.g. encourage your young person to have a Plan B.

To learn more please visit www.youthsafe.org

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