a·kin (Akin) is a Public Benefit Corporation with a mission of the beneficial co-evolution of AI and humanity.

With frontline artificial intelligence (AI) research and an experienced team who already working for NASA, Akin are creating Artificial Intelligence able to think and act more like a human to be helpers and companions that can assist in the home with complex tasks and habitat maintenance – including daily planning.

The goal of this technology is to make life easier and to free up time for people to focus on the things that they love.

The possibilities are exciting and many not so far away.

SCIA will be working in partnership with Akin to develop AI that can help in the home and robots that can assist with everyday tasks.

Already, ten of our employees have talked to the Akin team about their needs – the activities of everyday living that AI and robots could assist with.

Over the life of our partnership we will be looking to our community to share user cases (their top need and wants) and test the technology.

You will be hearing more about Akin over the coming months. In the meantime we’re asking you to start imagining the following scenarios:

  • What are tasks that you wish you could do alone?
  • What are some of the biggest barriers in your home?
  • What do care workers currently do that you would love to be able to do yourself?

AI and Robotics are very much part of life already. By understanding user needs, Akin, SCIA and other partners can help our community to maximise funding allocations so that there is more time and money to enjoy life.

Visit https://www.akin.com/ai-robot-helpers-for-the-home to be a part of the product testing team.

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