Will Appeal 2022

Gift in Will Survey Appeal 2022

There is nothing more meaningful
than changing lives for the better

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Nearly one million Australians live with spinal injury or other neurological conditions, with 380 new spinal cord injuries affecting someone each year. There are so many people who have to rewrite their story, who need our help to adjust to a new life.

We help people to recover, to rebuild their dreams and goals; to enhance their mobility and health through new forms of exercise; and to transition into safe and accessible accommodation. Significant and critical life changes that wouldn’t be possible without supporters like you.

An important way that you can support our work is to consider leaving SCIA a gift in your Will. Many people support us this way, including amazing supporters like the late Yvonne (‘Vonnie’ to her friends and family) and Garnet Lane, who changed lives for the better by leaving a generous gift to Spinal Cord Injuries Australia in their Will.

By considering leaving a gift in your Will, you can help write new chapters for others. SCIA values the opinion of our valued supporters on the important work we do. To ensure that donations are making the biggest impact in the lives of those affected by spinal and neurological conditions we kindly ask your assistance to take a few minutes to complete our online Supporter Survey.

If you’re interested in receiving more information about leaving a gift in your Will please contact us directly on 1800 819 775, email, or go to our Gifts in Will page on this site for more information.

Changing Lives for the Better

Yvonne was passionate about many causes in her lifetime and her Will supported a number or worthy charities, including SCIA. Yvonne felt that gifting in her Will was the best way to leave a legacy that would continue to support her causes long after she was gone.

We were also taken aback by the generosity of Garnet Lane, fondly known as ‘Alf’, after providing for his family, Garnet gifted his purpose-built home and motor vehicle to SCIA in his Will.

This decision was made after spending two and half years in hospital following his accident. During that time in hospital and rehabilitation, he met many people who had no place or home to go to following their life changing accidents.

The impact of Garnet’s gift is twofold:

  • SCIA now has a dedicated house in rural WA that serves as permanent accommodation for people following their accident and hospital release.
  • Our NeuroMoves exercise and therapy team are designing a new program using Garnet’s modified motor vehicle to service clients in rural areas.
  • Without supporters like Vonnie and Garnet, our work would simply not be possible. Generous donations are invaluable to ensure people who are affected by spinal and neurological conditions will not be isolated and will continue to receive the help and support that is so desperately needed. Everyone deserves to live their best lives.

    Feature image — Changing Lives for the Better