Tax Appeal 2023

Help increase our service offering to even more people across Australia.

There are over one million people in Australia currently living with a spinal cord injury or neurological condition who need the valuable support provided by Spinal Cord Injuries Australia. However, our reach and capacity to support existing and new clients is limited.

Can we count on your support for this Tax Appeal to help raise the $250,000 still needed by 30 June to fund life changing services, and give people affected by spinal cord injury, like Pete, Bianca, Bob, Lisa and Cameron the opportunity to live their best lives.

The Projects You Support

You will be supporting projects that have a proven track record, but our current reach and capacity to support existing and new clients is limited.

Your donation to Spinal Cord Injuries Australia will provide hope and access to critical services, whether clients are in crisis in a spinal unit, building their life skills, optomising their health and mobility through exercise therapy, seeking employment, or dealing with mental health challenges and so much more.



Our proposed expansion looks to the opening of three new sites within the next 12 months in order to reach those who can’t currently access this specialised exercise and therapy program. A fully equipped NeuroMoves site requires specialised facilities and equipment for which SCIA seeks establishment funding.

Your $50 donation could enable people with spinal and/or neurological condition to access one of our new NeuroMove locations to achieve their health, mobility, and independence goals.

Peer and Family Support

Peer and Family Support

Your $50 donation could help us establish Community Peer and Family Support in three new locations in regional Australia.

You could help people with spinal injury living in the community, to build community connections, and adjust to life in a wheelchair.

NDIS or Government funding is not provided to run these programs and no fee for service is payable.

Policy and Advocacy

Policy and Advocacy

We currently support over 320 individuals to advocate for themselves and their family. Our aim is to expand this amazing service to reach more people.

Your generous $75 donation could go towards increasing the team‘s resources to support more individuals to advocate for themselves.



SCIA’s employment service, EmployAbility supports people with physical disability on their journey to find meaningful employment.

A $100 donation could go a long way to help reach more job seekers with physical disability to access EmployAbility’s online job skills training and job placement support to secure meaningful work with a disability inclusive employer.

Can we count on your support for this Tax Appeal

30 June is almost here, and we urgently need to raise an additional $250,000 to fund critical services so that those in need like Sheree, Julio, Kate, Dawn and Matt can live their best lives.

Tax Appeal 2023


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