Living a healthy balanced life is important.

Nutrition advice

Weight management and nutrition for people with a spinal cord injury (SCI) is important.

Establishing a healthy diet will help you to maintain a healthy weight and promote emotional wellness.

An improved diet will also assist with bowel, bladder and skin breakdown issues, as well as other general health benefits such as reducing the potential for some forms of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Bowel management is directly related to diet. Messages from the brain control the muscular movements of the bowel and it can be difficult for food to move through the intestinal system.

A high fibre diet (25-35 grams of fibre every day) and plenty of fluids is recommended. It is recommended that the majority of your fibre is consumed from vegetables, fruits and nuts. It is best that you avoid high-fat foods as they don’t easily move through the system.

We can help you

Talk to us about including a dietician as part of your NDIS plan

SCIA does not directly offer dietetics services but if you would like to include a dietician as part of your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan, we can assist you to achieve your goals in this area through advice and support under support category 7 (Coordination of supports). Call one of our support coordinators to find out what you can include.