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Home Visits

Bringing exercise and therapy to you!

Your health and well-being are extremely important to us, so why not continue your therapy in the comfort of your home using our home visit service? Home visits remove barriers to regular therapy, such as organising transport and carers.

Home visits are a great way to continue to work towards your goals by accessing our highly specialised and skilled Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologist in the comfort and safety of your own home.

The costs of home visit sessions and associated therapist travel charges are covered by NDIS and other state insurance schemes. They can also be self-funded.


Home visit sessions are a great way to continue to work towards your therapeutic and functional goals.

NeuroMoves home visit sessions will ensure you are:

  • Guided safely in exercises relevant to your personal situation and condition
  • Remaining connected, motivated and supported in your exercises for health, mobility and independence by a specialised NeuroMoves therapist
  • Reducing the effects of self-isolation
  • Supported to achieve your goals in your home setting
  • Not relying on transport or carers to attend your sessions


NeuroMoves home visit sessions are goal based and can involve a range of exercise modalities, designed in discussion between you and your therapist prior to your first home visit session.

We will work with you to use household items, exercise equipment you already have at home, or equipment your therapist is able to bring with them to your session, to make it more challenging. You can also order equipment by completing our NeuroMoves Client Equipment Order Form. One of our expert therapists can help recommend equipment that would be the most suitable for you to help you achieve your goals.


For current NeuroMoves clients, discuss home visits with your therapist so they can schedule a suitable time with you for this to occur. Your session time and date will then be included in your monthly therapy schedule.

If you are new to NeuroMoves, before we undertake any sessions, you will need to complete the Intake Form and obtain a medical clearance – as with all NeuroMoves Services. Once these have been completed, a NeuroMoves therapist will contact you to complete a pre-screening questionnaire prior to your initial assessment, either in our clinics, or at your home

For more information, check out the Get started with NeuroMoves page on our website, or call us on 1800 819 775.

Home Visit Costs:

  • 1:1 Session: $166.99 for 1 hour
  • Travel time: $166.99 per hour – this will be apportioned based on therapists time spent travelling to and from your home. If your therapist has other home visits in the area, we will apportion travel charges between participants.
  • Non-labour provider travel costs: $0.85 per kilometre travelled, plus any parking or tolls incurred by our therapists.


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