Locomotor Training

Locomotor Training

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Locomotor Training is a body-weight supported treadmill program aimed to stimulate the nervous system.

It is an intensive program developed in the USA that promotes recovery focusing on posture, standing and walking patterns. This form of training is supported by three highly skilled therapists who, with manual guidance, facilitate stepping and standing tasks to retrain the nervous system.

Research conducted in Locomotor Training has shown improvements in walking function, general mobility, trunk control and general health benefits.

NeuroMoves is the only facility in Australia to deliver Locomotor Training trained under the NeuroRecovery Network, Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation in the USA.

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Fees and NDIS Funding

  • $232.00 per hour
  • We will work with you to explore your funding options, whether you are self-funded, covered by insurance, entering the National Disability Insurance Scheme or receiving similar state-based government support.

    Please see our NeuroMoves Fees (PDF) for more information.

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    After completing a 3 month bout of LT, Carlo from NeuroMoves Adelaide said: “I became a lot stronger and confident doing day to day tasks, which is probably the biggest improvement I noticed.”

    Carlo, NeuroMoves Adelaide


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