Leaving the hospital

Leaving the hospital

Be prepared for a smoother transition

Helping you be prepared.

Preparation is important when leaving the hospital as it will make for a smoother transition.

Even though you will have to rely on others at the initial stages of recovery, you will regain independence. Preparation is important when leaving the hospital as it will make for a smoother transition.

  • Discharge plan – This should include your care plan, equipment needs, goals and objectives, immediate home modifications required and an NDIS plan in place if possible.
  • Care services – You may need to have care workers for personal care and cleaning when leaving the hospital
  • Other considerations for your transition home from hospital:

  • Most suitable wheelchair
  • Mobility aids (i.e. crutches and orthotics)
  • Adequate continence needs alongside a bowel and bladder plan
  • Bathroom mobility aids (i.e. commode, shower chair or stool)
  • Home modifications (i.e. ramps, grab rails, handheld shower heads)
  • Portable or roof mounted hoists
  • Correct bed and mattress
  • Assistive technology (i.e. smart drive, free wheels, lights and security automation)
  • Modified kitchen utensils
  • Let us help you

    Lived experience help

    Our Peer Support team are individuals who have experienced a spinal cord injury and lived through a similar journey.

    They work within the spinal units of Sydney hospitals, and in regional areas of NSW. The team is with you from the very beginning, to support you, your family and friends, to help you regain your independence, whatever that may look like.

    SCIA is also a registered NDIS provider and we can help you with home modifications, assistive technology, mobility aids and continence care.

    Know your options

    Financial Support

    Leaving hospital without the full range of services being in place can result in social isolation, poor rehabilitation, pressure on families and forced returns to hospital.

    It is important when you are in hospital or rehab with new injuries to apply for the necessary services and funding as early as possible. There have been significant changes to disability funding in the last couple of years, so make sure you have the most relevant and up-to-date information.