Clients Rights


To ensure that an eligible whistleblower has access to best practice whistleblower systems and expertise, SCIA encourages all disclosures to be made to a third party whistleblower service. To this extent SCIA has appointed an external independent Whistleblower service – Your Call – to manage any disclosures that occur. Your Call is a highly reputable company who are expert in providing whistleblower solutions to organisations like SCIA. Your Call receives and reviews any disclosure, then act as the conduit between the discloser and SCIA to ensure that a disclosure is properly attended to.

SCIA’s Whistleblower Policy and Whistleblower Procedure detail who can make and receive a disclosure, what a disclosable matter is, how to make a disclosure and how a disclosure will be handled.

To make a report, simply visit the Your Call website, using the Organisation ID: SCIA, or call their Hotline number on 1300 790 228 (Hours of operation: 9am-12am AEST Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.)

If you don’t wish to use the services of Your Call you can also report disclosures to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) or the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).