Activity Based Therapy

Activity based therapy

Individually designed rehabilitation program

Activity Based Therapy (ABT) is an individually designed exercise program aimed to improve function, independence and mobility through skill acquisition. The program involves repetitive, task-specific, dynamic and weight bearing activities all performed out of the wheelchair. Functional Electrical Stimulation is also used during ABT sessions to facilitate functional task-specific training.

During ABT sessions, you will work one on one with a therapist to achieve your personal goals and you will be assessed regularly to monitor your progress. Data collected in the program shows exercise therapy improves independence, mobility and participation in the community.

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“NeuroMoves is amazing. I have been doing both the Group sessions and the 1 on 1 sessions for many years now, and has made a huge improvement in my life; helping me to build both my strength and fitness, allowing me to do so much more I could never do before.”

Trent Bell, SCI C4


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