Life takes on a new form after a spinal cord injury. The challenges can be overwhelming, and adjusting to a new way of living can be difficult. One way to navigate this change is by learning from others who have experienced similar situations.

New Mobility recently interviewed four individuals who have spinal cord injuries: Rebecca Koltum, Melissa McRoy, Jemal Mfundshi, and Chris Benson. Each of them shared their unique life experiences and challenges since their injury.

Rebecca was paralysed at the age of 21. Following her injury, she spent almost nine months in the hospital and rehabilitation before living in an assisted living facility for six weeks while her home got modified. Her family, friends, and community have been incredibly supportive, but managing her caregiving situation and finding full-time assistance has been challenging.

Life with spinal cord injuryBefore her injury, Rebecca was in the midst of interviewing for medical school, but her goals shifted after her accident. Now, she enjoys creating art and making TikTok videos, where she has amassed over 4,200 followers. Some of her videos have even been viewed by up to 15.5 million people.

Spinal cord injuries change our lives, but they don’t have to define us. Our ultimate goal remains the same: to enhance our quality of life, achieve self-sufficiency, and thrive in prosperity. Check out the rest of the inspiring stories from the other three wheelchair users in the full article on New Mobility.

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