As reported by The Spin Winter 2018, a new antibacterial indwelling catheter is being developed by researchers at the UK’s University of Nottingham promises to reduce the risk of developing UTIs, as well as dangerous blockages.

Many people with SCI rely on indwelling catheters. Unfortunately, repeated infections and blockages often go hand-in-hand with indwelling catheter use, sometimes with dire consequences.

Bacteria beater a new antibacterial indwelling catheter

The new indwelling catheter relies on antimicrobials that are impregnated into the catheter material, instead of coating only the exterior. This means that the molecules inside the silicone catheter material can continuously migrate to the surface as urine rinses away some of the antimicrobials on the catheter surface, which keeps the level of antimicrobial drugs at the surface high so they can protect against bacteria over a long period.

Please access to the full article below if you would like to know more about the new technology.

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