People with Disability who Access Sex worker services, in Australia (PASA) Research

Rachel Wotton is a Sex Worker, Advocate and PhD Candidate at Western Sydney University. Her research aims to prioritise the voices of people with disability and to create an opportunity for people to share their own experiences and stories about this topic.

People with Disability who Access Sex worker services, in Australia (PASA) Research

The research was granted formal Ethics Approval on 1st February 2022 (HREC Approval Number: H14609). Currently she is seeking people with disabilities to take part in her research People with disability who Access Sex worker services in Australia (PASA). The eligibility for participation is as follows:

  • Must be over the age of 18
  • Must be a Person with Disability
  • Must live in Australia
  • Must have paid for a Sex Worker

Regardless of cause or diagnosis, the researcher welcomes anyone who identifies as a person with disability. This includes those who live and work independently, people supported by family, those who may rely on Disability, NDIS, Aged Care, Workers’ Compensation or Insurance payout support systems, and people who are of retirement age.

Rachel recently featured on Episode 13 of our podcast, titled ‘Sexual Rights, Sex Work and Disability with Rachel Wotton‘. Please subscribe our podcast Have The Nerve – A Podcast about Disability if you would like to access to more informative content.

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