Fascia: Reducing pain with fascial release – in New Mobility May 2017

Fascia is a neural highway throughout your body with many branches and connections and research has revealed that fascia not only supports our many organs and body structures, but it also contains the same contractile fiber as smooth muscle, as well as pain receptors and neurotransmitters.

In response to trauma, fascia can contract and clamp down on muscles, vessels and organs, restricting blood flow, preventing proper function and inhibiting drainage. This causes pain. This article introduces the reader to Ike Anunciado, the owner of 360 Physical Therapy in Vancouver, Washington who introduced the writer of this article to the world of fascia release and a technique called strain counterstrain. From that day on, Lilly has used fascia release and strain counterstrain therapies to reduce pain all over her body and maximise what movement she has.

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