Big Day Off 2017 is here!

The Big Day Off is a fun and unique way for businesses and staff to fundraise for an important cause, and it’s so simple. You can register or nominate your workplace online today.

The Big Day Off brings businesses and employees together to raise funds for people with spinal cord injury. It's a fun way to engage and reward employees, by offering them the chance to win a paid day off work.Businesses register and offer a day or days paid leave, then staff buy online raffle tickets in the draw to win a Big Day Off from their workplace.

The concept was inspired by James McQuillan, who sustained quadriplegia after an AFL injury. The Big Day Off raises funds for all Australians living with spinal cord injury and the quest for a cure.


Businesses are getting involved with the Big Day Off as a fun way to engage with staff, increase workplace morale, to promote health, wellbeing and work life balance.

“We have chosen to take part in the Big Day off as it is a unique initiative that resonates with our staff engagement model of promoting workplace flexibility and encouraging work life balance. Although we do have our own set charity partners, because this idea fits so neatly with our staff engagement strategy and is optional for staff to participate in, it means we can support this on top of our existing charities” – Lisa Green, Group Executive, HR at ASX.


For the Big Day Off winners that extra day off work can be spent doing anything they want. Last years winners did fun things like going to the snow, to the beach, camping and volunteering at their children's school canteen.


Join thousands of people alla round Australia and register or nominate your workplace today.