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Our Peer and Family Support service has covered many areas around Australia with our professional and personalized support. The following shows you detailed information on the areas covered by our support team and available services.


The SCIA Peer and Family Support team are experts in lived experience. The professional team, with rigorous training, runs a semi-structured Peer Support program, which improves adjustment to life with an injury, well-being, and independence with the core knowledge and skills.

The team has a wide range of injury levels, from paraplegia and quadriplegia to complete and incomplete injuries. They have many life experiences post-injury, including parenthood, employment, travel and retirement, and sport.


Our Western Australia Peer and Family Support team are a group of people with over 25 years of combined lived experience with a spinal cord injury and provides free, non-clinical mentoring and advice for individuals with new and existing spinal cord injuries, as well as their families. The team comprises people with incomplete and complete paraplegia and quadriplegia. We discuss all aspects of living with a spinal cord injury. We can assist in improving your knowledge and skills, including:

  • Post-injury mentoring
  • Parenthood
  • Employment
  • Travel
  • Retirement
  • Recreational activities such as adaptive sports


Our ACT Peer and Family Support Coordinator, Pat, has over 30 years of experience. He was born with spina bifida and got experience working in the assistive technology industry. We aim to assist you with living with a spinal cord injury in Canberra and the surrounding regions. No matter whether it is wheelchair skills, assistance with where to turn for other services, advice on assistive technology, health-related issues (from a non-clinical, lived experience point of view), or just a general chat about life with a spinal cord injury.

We also hold social events throughout the year so you can meet with other people in a similar situation.


The Peer and Family Support service covers the regional ACT, NSW and WA areas. Our support and guidance will continue following your discharge, whenever you need it or simply for regular check-ins. Services we provide:

  • Face-to-face peer support
  • Community peer support
  • Wheelchair skills
  • Community access visits
  • Online education sessions
  • Follow-up calls upon discharge from the spinal injury units within two weeks
  • Regular monthly check-ins
  • Assistance for people at all life stages


Please access our Peer and Family Support page for more information. You can also reach out to us and call us or arrange an online video call.


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